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Everyone’s hair is completely different .

Whether you have curly hair, frizzy hair, fine hair or thick hair…

We take this seriously into consideration when cutting, styling and drying your hair.

Steve Wynder

Award Winning Hair Stylist

Best Hair Salon Experience in Caloundra...

When you imagine your best hair salon experience, it will probably include looking fabulous, precision hair cuts, beautiful colour, relaxing and unwinding. Glamorously capturing all the above, everything at Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty has been designed to provide the best salon experience imaginable. We don’t just make our clients look and feel fantastic about their hair; we also want to make the time you spend with us special !

The foundation to fantastic hair is always the cut!

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long the haircut is the most important thing about any hairstyle. Whether you blowdry your hair or just wash and go, creating the right shape and texture in the hair without over thinning is simply the golden rule to any hairstyle.

All our haircuts are tweaked to compliment your face shape and hair type, giving you the best look that’s easy to manage and right for you and your lifestyle.

I believe thats its a fine balance between getting the haircut just right for you, to making you not only feel, but look your very best.

 – Steve Wynder

Mothers Day May 9th

Mothers are just like superheroes. They work their butts off at home all day long, sometimes not getting a break until they’re putting the kids to bed. And then when the time comes for them to relax, we complain that they’re on Facebook or watching TV instead of spending some quality time with us. 

She deserves it! Let’s show her how much we appreciate everything she does by surprising her with breakfast in bed on May 9th and helping out around the house so she can spend more time doing what she loves most: hanging out with you guys! and… maybe give her the gift of beautiful hair!

Hair Makeovers - We LOVE Them!

There’s a story behind every haircut. Ann came to us feeling fed up with herself. After being on her own after losing her husband, Ann had let things slide and became stuck in a rut and was scared to try something new, exciting and fresh. With a little pushing Ann let us give her hair a complete makeover!

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Curly Hair Experts

Steve Wynder - Curly Hair Expert

Curly hair expert Steve Wynder explains why the hair cut is so important for curly hair.

Ever had a hairstylist say this to you “yes, I cut curly hair it’s the same as cutting straight hair”

You know and I know that it’s not!

Everyone’s curly hair is completely different in texture, curl type and condition.  It is essential to take this into consideration when cutting, styling and drying curly hair.

My team of curly hair experts will always sit down with you and look at your hair dry, to see how your hair naturally falls, your curl type, thickness, condition and give you full advice on how to maintain and look after YOUR curly hair at home.

The problem with curly hair is the frizz and finding something that will not only de-frizz but will NOT leave your hair feeling crispy, lank, heavy and dull.
The Curly Girl Home Hair Care Kit is the perfect complete range of products for your curly hair. Tried and tested by hundreds of customers and used in our salon developed with over 40 years of curly hair experience.

Curly hair review

Our Gorgeous Luxury Hair Care Products

We could not find the products we wanted SO we made our own!

Simply we wanted a product that was kind to hair, proudly Australian made, Cruelty Free, NO Nasties, Recyclable Packaging and a in-salon refill station using only the finest natural ingredients that we can find.

Here is our beautiful range of hair care products. The best that nature has to offer, enhanced by science.

Steve Wynder Hair Products

Consultation Booth

Sometimes getting time to come to the hair salon for a consultation is not always that easy especially with busy mums, work commitments and life in general.

For that reason we now offer online consultations in our special one-on-one video booth. This is a great way to have a personal consultation in a private and secure environment from the comfort of your home, workplace or even your car! Click on the image above and book in for your complimentary consultation…

Talking Hair Colour

Steve believes that colour is like ‘make-up’ for hair and once your hair cut and style has been decided, colour can be used to enhance the haircut to perfect your personalized look. You will be carefully guided through every step to ensure that the colour choice is perfect with your own personalised colour mix that has been tweaked to compliment your skin tone and eye colour. In this video Steve shares his experience with hair colour.

steve wynder talking hair colour


Steve Wynder and the SW creative team offer bespoke consultations and world-class cutting and styling, alongside beauty services, which allow you to relax whilst rejuvenating your look.

So why not treat yourself to a luxury salon experience at our beautiful hair salon in Caloundra. Simply pick up the phone and call us now to discuss the best treatments for your hair needs with one of our hair specialists right away!

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Salon Address:
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Call 07 5438 9990

Ample parking at the rear and front of the salon.

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Lois Charles recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

Well I have finally discovered a hairdresser who understands how to cut curley hair, so that I can manage my hair between appointments.
I didn’t have any hair products forcecd on me.
If you are looking for a new hairdresser, I would suggest this one is worth trying.

Big Fish recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

Over 5 years in Australia and I’ve struggled to find a hairdresser who I’m satisfied with, after trying endless other hairdressers and barbers from Sydney to the Sunny Coast I’m glad to have finally found one who I’m really happy with. Thanks Steve and the gang 🙂

Ashleigh Cooper recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.
LovelyGirl recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

Amazing place! great workers.

Erin Marie recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

I found Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty from a google search looking for salons on the Sunshine Coast that do curly cuts. After a lifetime of disappointing salon experiences, never being able to walk out with my natural curl intact, I’ve finally found my new salon! I’ve been following the Curly Girl method for about 18 months, but Andrew showed me a few things I hadn’t already tried and after the cut, wash and blow dry, my hair was the curliest it has ever been. I left walking on a cloud – finally having the salon experience people talk about having. The price is on the expensive side for a haircut, but honestly, 100% worth ever penny. I live at the opposite end of the Coast but will continue to travel for such amazing results. Cannot recommend highly enough for my fellow curly haired people!

Rosey Ware recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

I can’t recommend this salon enough, so kind and knowledgeable. A relief to finally have a hairdresser that understands the curly girl method.

Layne Tribe recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty.

Absolutely amazing!!!
Curly hair cut!!! Cutting curl by curl and educating and explaining techniques about hair, styling and troubleshooting was truly an incredible experience!
I put off getting my hair cut because I was embarrassed about how much hair I have been losing and my bald spots after having a baby. I left the salon feeling like I had MORE HAIR than when I went in!
Cannot thank these guys enough for their knowledge and execution of curly Hair !
I feel amazing!!!
I also immediately went on the waitlist for their own curly product that they used in salon! Amazing!
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

Steve Wynder review about Jess recommendation on Facebook
Donna Mihaly Recommends Steve Wynder Hair & Beauty

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