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Our prices reflect experience and the skill level of our team.

All of our haircuts include:

  • Full consultation  – to find the right hairstyle for your face shape and lifestyle
  • Gorgeous relaxing hair shampoo and condition and with our signature scalp massage
  • Home maintenance lesson –  how to manage your hair at home with tips on how to blow dry
  • Information on products – We don’t push retail so get sound advice on what to use and why
  • Colour Consultation- Want to know what colour will suit you, well we will tell you and why

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Colour & Foiling – (exclusive of cut and finish)

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Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Afterpay is available when you pay available when you pay in-store.

We get that humidity is not your friend, neither is rain. We get that you’d rather be conquering the world than conquering your frizz…

It’s a hair fact – sleek, smooth-looking locks look ultra-polished, not to mention healthy. Achieving those smooth, lustrous locks with serums, gels, conditioning treatments and straighteners can be high maintenance and time intensive and then there’s product build up and hair fry to consider.

If you are time-poor but lust after smooth, luscious-looking locks that are low on maintenance but high on manageability, we have the solution for streamlining your beauty routine as well as your look.

Smoothe is NOT a straightening treatment and, unlike other straightening services, does not restructure the hair. As a result, hair looks more natural with enhanced body, movement and manageability. smoothe will noticeably improve hair health and provide long-term conditioning, protection and lustrous shine.

Frequently asked questions

Q How much is a Bhave Keratin Treatment?

A Prices are from $350 to $550 depending on a few things. One is how long and thick the hair is and another is how much product we need to use for the best result on your hair.

Q Is bhave smoothe keratin therapy right for me?
A bhave smoothe keratin therapy makes hair easy to manage, so anyone who struggles with frizz or has curly and difficult to manage hair is a good candidate.

Q What makes bhave different to other products on the market?
A bhave is a true keratin taming system that does NOT break down, change or build internal bonds in the hair. It cannot be washed out immediately as the keratin requires time to set into the hair.

bhave is formulated with an innovative amino cell rebuild technology that has been specially formulated to penetrate the hair providing health, protection and long-term conditioning. bhave contains argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids to smooth away frizz while adding luminous shine.

Q What kind of results will I get from the bhave smoothe keratin therapy?
A A reduction in frizz, hair will be more manageable and easy to style. You will still be able to wear your hair curly or wavy (depending on your hair type) and enjoy the freedom to blow-dry your hair into any style you want in a fraction of the time.

Q Can I still receive the bhave smoothe keratin therapy if I have highlights and/or colour?
A Yes you can. however, we do advise for best results to have your hair coloured 7-10 days after the smoothing therapy. If you do colour your hair before the treatment, the colour may lift to varying degrees, requiring colour to be re-applied.

Q Yes the bhave smoothe keratin therapy work on virgin hair?
A Yes. on virgin hair, results will improve with each application. you may have to repeat the treatment after 4 weeks, but each application will last longer.

Q Is the bhave smoothe keratin therapy going to make my hair straight?
A All hair types differ. the treatment is designed to make the hair easier and quicker to manage. Some people may be able to ‘wash & go’ whereas others will have to add some heat to their hair in order to get a straighter result.

You may want to ask your hairdresser to perform a strand test before proceeding with the treatment to get a realistic idea of what your result will be.

Q How long does the bhave smoothe keratin therapy last?
A The bhave smoothe keratin therapy lasts up to 5 months depending on the hair type and maintenance. As mentioned, some virgin hair may require an application after 4 weeks.

Q Is the bhave smoothe keratin therapy permanent?
A No, the hair will revert back to its natural state after 2-5 months.

Q Can I apply the bhave smoothe keratin therapy directly on top of other relaxers?
A Yes you can. We recommend that you wait a month after relaxing your hair before having the bhave smoothe keratin therapy.

Q Can I cut my hair before or after the treatment?
A We recommend that you cut your hair after the bhave therapy as it will fall differently and appear longer.

Q Can I use styling products?
A Yes, you can use styling products after the first shampoo/wash.

So if you want to remove the frizz and reduce the volume in your hair without any down time? This is the perfect hair treatment for you. It’s not a straightening treatment but it is a smoothing treatment – with no formaldehyde!

Prices start from $350 (depending on length and thickness of hair) however if you only needed maybe your fringe de-frizzed or a particular area then please call us to discuss pricing.

Excellent for Taming
Unruly Hair…

  • de-frizzes hair
  • makes hair manageable
  • great to combat the humidity
  • can be used on bleached hair
  • Lasts 3 – 5 Months
  • Cost $350 – $550 depending on length and thickness

Please call for quote and a chat about your hair.

We can offer a free consultation over Skype or Facebook Messenger as sometimes its makes it easier to see your hair over video chat and its saves you the time of driving in to see us.

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An innovative treatment that semi-permanently controls frizz and makes hair smooth and manageable.

bhave Keratin Treatment Sunshine Coast




Permanent Hair Straightening – $350 – $500
(depending on length and thickness)

  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Healthy Shiny hair from roots to tips
  • Moves and Falls Naturally
  • Straight hair without the damage
  • Ideal for very curly hair to get a beautiful straight permanent result

Afterpay is available when you pay available when you pay in-store.

The original, thermal straightening system that restructures the hair’s internal bonds to give permanently straight, smooth and shiny results. The special straightening process utilises collagen, silk proteins and keratin.

Hair texture and the speed of the hair’s growth, among other factors, will determine how often you should have your hair straightened.

Note* We do not recommend or perform this service on bleached hair.

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